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999 Win the Pick 3 "Target Zero" 2 Strategy Download Bundle.


The SD Zero NR Grouper Pick 3 Lottery Strategy

Shows you what to play anytime you have a “zero” in the middle of a Pick 3 Lottery Combination. You will be given one pair to focus on once you see certain “trigger” combinations in your single state lottery drawing. This strategy helps you to significantly narrow down your lottery plays to just 10 combinations or less based on the10 two-digit triggers that you observe.


This strategy which we call the "GT9 Zero Pair Predictor" gives you trigger combinations to watch for in your drawings, then shows you how to determine which zero (0) pair is most likely to show as a result of that particular trigger. A side benefit of this strategy for some state players will be the bonus tip that SBIP999 reveals at the end which turns this strategy into a potent "doubles" identifier in your state games

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